This n’ that

Not much to report as the New Year gets underway (and considering all that 2010 had to offer that’s a good thing).

Miss Cathy’s doing pretty well, its Sunday so she has her religious programs that she watches on TV in the morning and football to keep her company in the afternoon.

I’m a little concerned that she hasn’t been out of the apartment (other than to go to the doctor’s office) in a couple of weeks but her spirits are high and she says she’s enjoying being inside “out of the cold”.

Last week we went to the Doctor’s for a check up and the reports were all good, so physically she’s going great. Now I have to schedule a check up for her metal health and I’m taking her to the Dentist next week for her annual visit.

She hasn’t seen the neurologist, Dr Alemayehu for about six months now so it’s time for a check up, I’m sure there wont’ be any discernable change but we need to keep on our schedule of appointments as a matter of routine.

I have been out and about a little more than usual, thanks to the holidays and my birthday. I’m feeling more and comfortable being away from home for hours at a time, and although I haven’t availed myself of the help that’s been offered, I know that there are a few friends and relatives that I can call on to sit with Miss Cathy if need be.


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