“Hya son, I’m calling again. I just got off the telephone. I’m trying to look to see what time it is, I think this is….ahhhh, I can’t half way see the clock, looks like its twenty five minutes to eight. Well, anyway, I had called you earlier.

I’ve been on the telephone talking to Marcia so I don’t know if you had tried to call while I was on the phone talking to her. I didn’t get a signal, so anyway I was just letting you know. She said she’d be up tomorrow so anyway; I’m going back into the bedroom now to watch the “cooks” on TV.

I’m doing very well and I’ll talk with you later, love mom.”

That was a voicemail that Miss Cathy left for me not too long ago. We’ve bee playing “phone tag” for the a few days now (which is funny seeing how she never leaves the apartment). But, she discovered “screening” years ago when I first bought her an answering machine and now she just lets the call go to voicemail-listens to the message and then decides if she wants to call the person back.

She sounds good, she always leaves “mini” voice “letters” instead of messages, and I’ve always thought that was sweet.

By all accounts she’s doing well and has been enjoying her time alone. The upstairs neighbor, Ron came by one day last week and took her to the grocery store so I know that she’s gotten out at least once since I’ve been gone.

And I’m glad to hear that Marcia, another neighbor (downstairs) is coming up to visit.

I asked her to water the plants for me and she says she’s remembered the schedule of twice a week and the amount of water for each plant.

She says that she’s been keeping the cooking to a minimum (a promise she made to me before I left) and has been using the microwave to heat up a lot of the food that she cooked before I left-a lot of stews and casseroles.

I’m back on Thursday and have decided to get a part-time job out of the house since she’s doing so well (and lets be honest-I could use the money with art not selling like it used too). Depending on what I can find (I have few skills other than drawing for the past thirty five years so don’t be surprised if I’m you new barista at Starbucks).

So, whatever I get will be for about four to five hours a day for as many days a week. I think that being out of the house for a few hours each day will be good for both of us.

I think I’ll call her and let her know my plans…….oh, what do you know, it went to voicemail.


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