Physician, #HealThyself: Pt.lll Dr G, General Practioner/Family Doctor

I called Dr G a few days after Miss Cathy’s world wind of ‘white coat’ hopping (from ophthalmologist to neurologist to numerous test) to hear him say that no one had called him regarding her condition (quelle surprise!).

“This is the first I’m hearing of it, tell me what’s going on.”

So, I did.

Dr G is her primary care physician. He’s someone that she’s been seeing for well over 30 years. She is very comfortable with him and he with her; after all of these years they have a sort of shorthand when they get together.

I remember him from years ago when I used to visited mom from where I lived in New York and he still looks the same; old, wise and kind. Come to think of it…if he was ‘old’ then and now, thirty (plus) years later he’s ‘older’ still, the how old is it?

The mind reels.

Anyway, he’s one of the last of a dying breed of doctors that ‘might’ actually make a house call if you were in such a need.

Since I’ve been Miss Cathy’s caregiver he’s on time for our appointments (or damn near close to it) professional and compassionate. He always returns a telephone call and follows through with whatever he says he will do for you.

That’s pretty much the ‘gold standard” of a successful working relationship (in any profession) in my opinion-but when a doctor is part of the equation it’s even more important to know that you can count on them to do what they say they’ll do.

I’m not talking about a doctor becoming your bff and calling every time something funny happens on RuPaul’s DragRace (although lets face it-something funny is always happening on RuPaul’s DragRace).

But, even though we all know that doctors are busy and they have responsibilities WE as caregivers and patients are just as busy and we have a responsibility to our health (or the health of a loved one) and that needs to be respected and reciprocated.

And Dr G does all that.

A good doctor is like a the best waiter in a four star restaurant, you know they have other tables to serve besides yours but somehow they appear when you need them, listen to what you want, bring it to you and make you feel as if you’re the only table in the joint.

And that’s’ what I’m looking for from Miss Cathy’s’ ‘team’….I want to feel like we’re the only table in the joint.


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