Physician, Heal Thyself: Pt.Va Dr GG, #NeuroOphthalmologist

Dr GG, Neuro-Ophthalmologist, was a recommendation from Dr D, the Retina Specialist who was a recommendation from Dr S, the ophthalmologist where this daisy chain of doctors all started.

Each experience began differently but ended up pretty much the same; lots of tests (which came back normal and/or inconclusive) and with no definitive answer as to what was causing Miss Cathy’s loss of vision and confusion….hell, I would have settled for speculation but we usually got the verbal equivalent of a head scratch.

After a week or so of back and forth with the neurologist, Dr A (and no answers), I found myself back to square one with Dr S, asking him who he suggested that we see next. He told me to make an appointment for mom with Dr D, a Retina Specialist, thinking there might be a problem with the blood flow to the retina but (true to our track record thus far) Dr D could only report that her retina was healthy and the blood flow was normal (which would be great news under normal circumstances but as we were not living in normal circumstances).

The best thing I can say about the time we spent with Dr D is that he recommended Dr GG.

And his office was close to Miss Cathy’s condo (which was a good thing because we spent five hours, yes I said five hours in his office one day and after it was all over it was all I could do to see straight to drive the mile (or less) home where we both collapsed sitting around waiting after so many tests and disappointments when it all added up to nothing as usual…and not knowing was getting to be pretty exhausting.

I thought I was pretty well versed on all that Alz had to offer (at least during Stage One) but now but it seemed the disease had us chewing over something not on the menu.

It’d been about a month of ferrying mom from doctor to doctor to doctor and my expectations were getting pretty bipolar; swinging from manic high with optimism that the next physician would have answers (and better yet a magic pill to solve everything) to depressed low when it turned out the doctor had just as many questions as I did and the cycle would start all over again with the next doctor.

Miss Cathy alternated between a state of quiet panic at the thought of what to do if she were going blind to raging against the doctors whom she felt had let her down. I couldn’t imagine what she must have been feeling, all of a sudden not being able to see and she couldn’t trust her mind with the information it was giving her eyes with what was visible, it was truly a strange circumstance compounded by the doctor’s inability to help.

So, after many doctor’s appointments and disappointments and it was with low expectations and trepidation that we arrived at Dr GG’s well-appointed office in an upscale part of town very near the urban center.

Update 6/8/13:Dr Brian Ragsdale PhD,a long time reader of the blog, sent the following after reading the post:



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