Physician, Heal Thyself: Pt.Vc

Miss Cathy was taken for a series of pre-tests alone while I gladly lounged in the reception area that felt more like an upscale hotel lobby.

I rejoined her when she was taken back to another exam room for a more extensive eye exam with (yet) another assistant (assistants, assistants, everywhere but nary a doctor to doc).

We’d been forewarned that our visit would take a few hours. At just about the two hour mark the doctor came in to greet us.

Dr GG was personable and polite, as inviting and elegant as his outer office.

He made Miss Cathy feel at ease, which in itself made the long drive worthwhile.

And more importantly he didn’t seem as perplexed as the other doctors who’d been confronted with her dilemma.

He asked Miss Cathy pointed questions and answered her queries, which were many.

I told him about our meetings with all the various and sundry other doctors, our ‘long days journey to sight’ as it were.

He listened intently as I went through my notes, telling him that ultimately all the doctors seemed confounded and perplexed, each kicking the (eye) ball down the road to the other for diagnosis.

As for the cause of her vision loss and confusion he said, “The good news is that there is a possibility that her condition was related to having Alzheimer’s.” From what I could gather he was saying it seems that sometimes the brain can trick perfectly healthy, undamaged eyes into thinking they can not see.

Then he went on to explain that the bad news was that if this were the case there was no way to reverse the damage that’d been done or prevent further deterioration.

He also theorized that she could have suffered a series of small strokes that had gone undetected.

I mentioned that Dr A, the neurologist said that he ‘ruled out’ the possibility of a stroke, and that he made the statement on two separate occasions.

Dr GG ‘pricked up his ears’ upon hearing this, saying that just because a physician stated that something was ‘ruled out’ didn’t mean that there wasn’t a ‘possibility’ of its occurrence.

“Uh?”, was all I could think to myself.

He had me at “good news” until he switched gears and decided to give me a lesson in semantics.


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